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and now you know the news for this wednesday, november the 28th, 2012. i'm shepard smith. we're back tomorrow for "studio b" in the afternoon and "the fox report" about an hour ago. but tomorrow right before mr. bill. here he is >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> that's not america that we should be and it's not who we are. >> sandra fluke and jay-z just two of the people "time" magazine has nominated for person of the year? but why? and wait until you see who else is on the list. >> gangnam style. >> there is a lot to be said for a wealth tax and especially a concrete wealth tax. >> bill: far left beginning to push for wealth tax that means the feds would confiscate
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private property. this is being kept very quiet but tonight you will hear all about it? >> gay marriage or accepting immigrants. >> you are absolutely right. they don't want to believe it's time to change it. >> rhode island governor chafee saying he will not save christmas because the times are a changing. we sent jesse wawfortsz -- watters up to rhode island to find out what the heck is going on. >> isn't it discriminating against christians by calling it a holiday tree? >> caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. america need leaders. in order to turn the country around -- and boy do we need that -- good leadership will have to step up. that means politicians who put you ahead of their own welfare. elected officials who are
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honest, intelligent and daring. we need that kind of leadership. it's one of the reasons i wrote killing lincoln and killing kennedy. i wanted to show readers exactly what leadership is both good and bad. and i think we have been successful in doing that. the american media discourages bold leadership because it attacks politicians based on ideology. so many strong leaders don't even bother running not wanting to punish themselves and their family. when thinking about leadership, it's instructive to look at "time" magazine's nominees for person of the year 2012. "time" does this every year. you guys get to vote but really the editors decide. some of the magazine's nominees this year are very interesting. sandra fluke up. dennis miller has some thoughts on her. i will step aside until he gets here in a few moments. rapper jay-z has been nominated. why on earth would he be the person of the year? ditto jon stewart and stephen colbert. stewart is great. he is a tremendous talent but why would he be person of the year. joe biden is on the list. for what reason?
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what has the vice president done? new jersey governor chris christie is t could make a casee handled sandy well but what else? our pal carl rove on the person of the year list. why? also cy on the list. we dealt with him yesterday. you know what? i'm voting for cia. he is my guy. i want him to be person of the year because that would send "time" magazine a message stop screwing around. if barack obama doesn't win person of the year i will be surprised. yes "time" nominated mitt romney but he he has no chance. neither does hillary clinton who is somewhat responsible for the libyan mess. bill clinton is on the list. i would vote for jay-z over the president. no to bill clinton sea brilliant man. why would he be person of the year? for what. you can see we are living in a very shallow time in america. pardon the pun. truth is, we have very few
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dynamic leaders in this country where is abe lincoln when we need him. like 1860 america is a divided nation there is a culture war raging. we need a person to bring us together to solve complicated problems and stop all the nonsense. lincoln could have done it. republic-- strike that gist and kirsten powers the democrat and fox news analyst. who is your person of the year? >> while using "time" magazine's criteria which doesn't mean it's necessarily a person you think is good or bad or but someone who we spent a lot of time talking about who has a real impact this year i think would be mohammed morsi who is on their list of people to choose from the first democratically elected president of egypt that, i think it was very important moment in the middle east it was an ally of the united states and it really have l. have an impact on the future of the middle east. >> bill: so you think everybody is talking about
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mohammed morsi? is that what you are telling me? is he on everybody's mind. >> i know you are mad because i didn't say bill o'reilly. don't get nasty and lash out. [ laughter ] >> bill: morsey is morsi is a minor figure right now. >> no. >> bill: he he is he may emerge in a major figure in a bad or good way. he could broker peace that would be good. he could try to take over egypt and rule as islamic dictator. that would be bad. i don't think he is quite there yet. it's not an absurd contention. all right? but if that is the best we can do, if mohammed morsi is the person of the year on this planet, then we are in bad shape. what about you, kristen, who do you think should be person of the year? >> so this may just be my republic miff showing. i think paul ryan on the list is a really good choice. >> bill: paul ryan, everyone? >> he actually wasn't -- he wound up not being that quote, unquote big of a deal in the presidential race. but if you think about it he is the one guy trying to put
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together ideas how do we solve these long-term fiscal problems that countries around the world are facing. how are you going to deal with long-term entitlements. >> bill: i mocked powers and now i have to mock you. >> all right. >> bill: ryan hasn't accomplished it yet. if ryan were to accomplish the things that he wants to accomplish and bring the federal budget under control and get the two parties together to get a responsible budget then he would without a doubt be person of the year he hasn't. he couldn't even carry his state. kristen, he couldn't even carry his state. >> i don't think he is to blame for that. >> bill: that's they put him on the ticket they needed a state like wisconsin. i don't think either of those men rise. now, bill clinton why would he be person of the year.
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>> he got barack obama elected. that's the view of "time" magazine. >> bill: isn't that a partisan thing? i mean maybe that's true but isn't that a partisan thing? he is a person of the year. >> i think you might be on to something. i think there might be partisanship over at "time" magazine. >> bill: that shouldn't be. that's not what we are in business to do here. >> let me make a bold prediction here. it's going to be barack obama. >> bill: yes, it will. that's what i said and you are right. if you agree with me you are right. this is what we should always -- >> i know how to works. [ laughter ] >> bill: he would have to be because the president overcame vast odds and shut have lost the election. let's be honest with the economic profile that we have and he won. did he something extraordinary and that i think has to be criteria. you can't discount psy. [ laughter ] there is a guy who has more
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than 800 million hits. >> tight race. >> bill: look at him. is that not the person of the year right there? i think the umbrella should get some mention, too. this is so insane. aren't we living in insane world? we don't have any leaders anymore there are no leaders anymore. they are all either idealogues or fighting. where are the problem solvers? where is lincoln? where is he? >> you know, i think a lot of the problem solvers just like you said in the beginning, they don't want to get into this debate because getting into politics means everything about your family gets directed up. some reasons not to enter public service if you are a person who wants to solve problems and get things done. quite frankly, take a look at the u.s. senate. it's where dreams go to die these days. there is so little leadership. fromfrustrating if you are a person who wants to move the agenda. i'm going to take a chance
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here and i want you, powers to react to this in 2008 i thought john mccain waged a terrible campaign. i thought he didn't expose the challenger barack obama. i thought he was afraid and intimidated by him. i think i was wrong about that. i don't think john mccain is a guy that backs down and i think i was wrong but i kept questioning why don't you bring it to him. bring it to him. here is a guy who voted president, no accomplish. s in the senate. nothing on his resume out of the ordinary. just let him have it and he wouldn't. the last four years the only leader i have seen in america and mccain goes out of the ideology. he goes against his own party when he feels it is mccain. i mean, mccain is the guy that wants the truth about libya. mccain is the guy who wants to solve the immigration problem. mccain is the guy. i think mccain is the best leader in the country right now. and mccain should be man of the year. go ahead, powers.
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>> i don't really see that he has worked across party lines with other people. by your own standard what's his major accomplishment? >> he has brought to light a lot of corruption. has introduced legislation. he is trying to get these complicated things soflted. >> i just enjoyed hearing you say you were wrong. >> bill: i'm sure that blurred everything else that i said. [ laughter ] >> all right, mccain, am i right? i think he is a good leader. i think he he. >> he may be a good leader. i don't know if he is the right guy for this award. as kirsten said at the beginning this is an award to somebody is that has made a lot of news. this is a honor that they gave to hitler and given to to stalin twice. they certainly made news. but it's not always a positive thing. >> bill: i understand. >> i don't think it's necessarily. >> bill: nothing against jay-z because he he is such a great influence on the country. all right, ladies, thank you. next on the run down, county federal government seize your private property? some people want to do that
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you may even save up to 20% on your homeowners insurance. for everything that matters most. adt. always there. >> as we have been reporting there is a movement throughout the world to tax wealth, not income. not dividends or capital gains but what you actually possess in countries like norway, spain and france. they already do that and of course it requires seizing private property. here in the u.s.a., green party candidate jill stein thinks that's great. >> i find wealth tax interesting, especially intangible wealth tax where you are talking about stocks and bonds. so you have specific, you know, record of exactly what you are going to tax because otherwise, it does become difficult. >> bill: i will say it's difficult. you would have to send inspectors into people's homes
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to calculate what they have. off the chart unconstitutional. joining us from the studios of the huffington post, ladies and gentlemen, where the kool-aid is free. dr. marc lamont hill. so i'm guessing you like this wealth tax idea. >> i do, actually. i think it's exciting. i think it's innovative and i think if done properly it could actually make this country even more democratic and fair than it is. that's why i'm a bill jill stein supporter. >> bill: tell me how your vision would resolve. how would it be accomplished. >> one thing have to do is come up with the right threshold. we are talking about a wealth tax. as it stands right now. the wrong people are at paying taxes. wealth tax what it would allow us to do is take people who may not have a ton of income and have a substantial wealth make them pay a greater share. >> bill: so say you are a sire of the kennedy's, all right, and you have a trust fund that provides you with 5 or
5:16 pm
$10 million a year you marc lamont hill are going to say to the kennedy heir, what? what do you have to give me every year out of your trust fund? >> i think a good number, one number that's been tossed around by experts is 1%. >> bill: so 1% of every year of whatever your net worth may be. >> right. >> bill: you have to send a check to the federal government for that. >> absolutely. and understand that this would probably make the tax burden of most americans lower. >> bill: okay, but let's just get to the nuts and the bolts of it? >> that is nuts and bolts. >> bill: all right. so then you would have to have a government agency to go in and examine the books. now, you would. >> i love the or wellian picture. why would do you that? >> this is way beyond anything beyond george orwell ever imagined. this is into brave new world stuff now. >> please, bill did, they do that in france with wealth tax. other agents that run into. >> we will goat france in a
5:17 pm
moment. all the french fat cats are moving out of there. >> that's not the point. house and seizure. bill, it's not true. >> bill: how would you know how much people are worth. how would you know? >> here is one. >> bill: answer the simple question. >> i'm giving you a simple answer. here is one example of what they do in france. when you assess furniture, for example they can actually have a calculation of 5% of total wealth of the assessment of furniture. >> bill: so the furniture guys go in from d.c. and they show up and say look i want to assess your furniture. >> you are missing my point. >> bill: of course i am because the point is so oblique it's impossible to understand. >> no, bill, let me explain it point. >> bill: calm down. no, i don't have all day. >> you are making this up. >> bill: i'm not making anything up. >> you are distorting. >> bill: you have a wealthy person. hold it you have a wealthy person. they don't receive any income. they get some dividends that are already taxed. but, they live in a big house, they got a couple of cars, they got some swanky furniture. they have got a pool. now, you have to assess all of that, doctor. >> no, you don't.
5:18 pm
>> bill: you have to send someone in to assess it? >> no you don't have to. they have calculations that substitute for someone coming into your house. >> bill: who? who has calculations. >> that's why i use the french government as an example. instead of someone coming in and counting your furniture they would simply use a number like a% of your total wealth. >> bill: how would they know what your total wealth is? how? >> the same way people know when they file taxes in the united states. no one comes in and counts your money. >> bill: no, no. you don't know economics. your wealth is your wealth. you don't have to put it down on your tax form. i don't put down how much my net worth on tax form. >> i know that. >> bill: how does the government know how much you are worth? how? >> what i'm saying in the same way that with federal income tax in america you submit documents, receipts. >> bill: you would have to submit. i have got six love seats, two big beds, four cars, and here is what they're worth. you would have to then every year chronicle all your stuff. >> and i'm saying no.
5:19 pm
instead, they come up with a number. >> bill: who is they? who? >> the government. >> bill: the government. just the government? so they say o'reilly, here is your number. 85 million. that's what we think you are worth. give me 1% of it? >> maybe my return fee in huffington post is not working well. you are not understanding what i'm saying. i'm saying they have a calculation that represents furniture. you don't count love sights and cars. >> bill: arbitrarily somebody assigns a number to your furniture your cars, your pool. >> not necessarily not arbitrarily. none of this arbitrary. like the american tax system isn't arbitrary. >> bill: let me tell you this. that's insane it would never work. constitutional issue. here in america you can't seize private property. this is a private property seizure. so how do you get around that. >> how are you defining seizure? >> bill: if i already paid taxes on my stuff and i'm good with the irs on income and
5:20 pm
dividends and all of that all the rest is mine to keep. to buy my furniture cars, whatever. you are taxing my private property. you are seizing a portion of it and taking it away. do you get it, doc? >> it wasn't a failure to come pro-hend. using seizure properly misuse words i was going to correct you if did you that time. that is a legitimate concern. most experts say the biggest problem is the double tax effect. there is a way to adjust it and what most experts say is that the way to adjust for this is to lower the tax rate even more to account. >> bill: you are dodging the question. you have to seize private property to have a wealth tax period it's unconstitutional. >> what you are actually pulling on is a technicality and i would say. >> bill: unless you think the constitution is a technicality i'm not doing that. >> no, no. no. >> bill: last word real quick. >> even if it were a constitutional issue i would push for an amendment because this would make the government more fair and tax system more fair. for 99.9% of americans they would pay less money. it's only the fat cats like you who would pay more.
5:21 pm
i think that's awesome. >> bill: all right, doc. directly ahead. jesse watters up in rhode island where all heck is breaking loose over another dopey christmas controversy. we are checking with him. dennis miller has some thoughts on the christmas assault this year. also sandra fluke nominated as person of the year. those reports after these i need to rethink the core of my portfolio. what i really need is sleep. introducing the ishares core, building blocks for the heart of your portfolio. find out why 9 out of 10 large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. share "not even close."
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>> bill: watters world tonight. as we told you last night lincoln chafee once again messing around with christmas. he didn't want to light a christmas tree at the state capital. he doesn't want to call it a christmas tree and on and on. we sent jesse watters up to providence to straighten out the situation. >> this is it a christmas tree or holiday tree. >> i think it's a holiday tree. it really gets everyone in the spirit for any holiday. it's typical of the holiday season, i think. if they want to call it a
5:25 pm
holiday tree that really includes more people. >> i think it's great that it's a holiday tree. i'm jewish so i have to go for the holiday tree got to be all inclusive. >> i don't really care either way. [ laughter ] >> i would like to say it's something that represents all of the holidays but where it originated i think it's a beautiful christmas tree. >> it's a christmas tree. >> i think that's okay. >> call it a christmas tree. i have always called it a christmas tree since i was a kid. >> christmas is christmas. what chafee is saying he has got to be a nut. >> they had a festivus pole, menorah and christmas tree and everything is included at the state house, you are okay with that right? >> you know -- i don't know. i think -- i feel like you are trying to trap me in sort of making a statement for one like in of another. i don't think that's fair. >> what's the agenda? why we call it a holiday tree. >> i think to be politically correct he doesn't want to offend other people. for each holiday has their
5:26 pm
thing. just like in jewish they have the menorah. for christians they do a christmas tree. >> so why do you think that the governor is doing that? >> to be inclusive and not to, you know, exclude other people. >> so you feel excluded? >> no. but i can imagine some people may. >> do you really think any of your jewish friends would feel offended if they call it a christmas tree? be honest. >> probably not stands two different issues. at home a christmas tree and at the state house has a holiday tree. i think we need to be consistent. it has always been a christmas tree it should remain a christmas tree. >> joining us now from providence, rhode island is jesse watters. all the polls say the same thing. americans want to celebrate christmas, not the holidays. it's like 90%. is that what you found up in providence? is it the same ratio? >> it is the same ratio except if you go to brown university. now, this has never happened
5:27 pm
to me before. every one i spoke to at brown was pro-holiday tree. everyone i stopped. one person was actually a soltis sill brart. >> bill: that's because of the admissions policy of brown. do you believe in christmas? yes they don't let you in. >> you check a box. >> bill: unbelievable. >> the governor is in a precarious situation. this is the tip of the iceberg here. he was in france when the whole controversy went down. >> bill: france? >> the state's economy is third in the country in terms of worse performing. and he just unveiled a proposal to give driver's license to illegal aliens. this guy has been inundated. there is a major backlash here and now he declares this war on christmas. he is in a lot of trouble. the folks though in rhode island outside of brown, they want it to be the christmas tree, right? >> of course they do. >> bill: okay. >> he they are not really that angry. it's a bizarre -- it's so out
5:28 pm
of the mainstream they kind of think chafee has kind of lost it. >> bill: all right. well rhode island traditionally a very catholic state. a lot of italians, portuguese, this and that. we're going to get -- you are going to get governor chafee for us. i'm going to be able to interview him later, right? >> right. we're really looking forward to it. it looks like it's going to go down. >> bill: going to be tomorrow. o'reilly and chafeee. does he have any clue what he he is getting into? >> i think he does. but that's what i'm worried about. i'm looking forward to this interview. i'm going to lead with to tomorrow. >> good. >> bill: how could you hear him with the ear muffs on? you had the ear muffs on. how could you hear what they are talking about? >> it's 33 degrees out here. i know it's comfortable in your studio in new york. >> bill: how can you can stand it. >> very funny. >> bill: the next time you wear ear muffs make sure they have a fox news logo on them, all right? >> all right.
5:29 pm
>> bill: jesse watters braving 33-degree temperatures for you. what kind of guy is this? plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. youngest star of the sitcom two and a half men says the program is garbage. find out what that is all about. dennis miller on sandra fluke. the war on christmas texas vs. california. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. many of my patients still clean their dentures with toothpaste. but they have to use special care in keeping the denture clean. dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can multiply.
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many reactions taken by
5:32 pm
atheist organizations. were us now david silverman. president of the atheist group. >> thanks for having me. i'm really trying to get and i'm not trying to be a wise guy here. i will deal with the hard stuff with governor chafeee tomorrow. i'm trying to give you a point of view here. you are an atheist. i respect that. i don't look down on you. i don't think you are pinhead. >> thank you. >> bill: if you want to atheist that's why we have america. be with it. why are you messing around with my holiday? is there a compelling reason for you mess around with it? >> we are not messing around with anything. we are stopping the government from preferring one religion over another. >> bill: stop there. >> no. >> bill: no, no, no. you listen to me and then you answer my questions. >> i'm trying to answer your questions. go ahead. >> bill: what religion is involved with christmas? what religion? >> christianity. >> bill: that's not a religion. that's a philosophy. >> okay. so, since the dawn of time the winter soltis has been celebrated by multiple
5:33 pm
religions. >> bill: winter soltis. >> shortest day of the year. evergreen trees they don't die giving presents. >> bill: do you like the winter soltis. >> yes. >> bill: celebrate t we do. >> bill: can you celebrate winter soltis. >> yes. >> bill: anyway you want. >> the way you celebrate christmas the government can't take sides. the government doesn't this is a good or bad religion. the government can't say this is a christmas tree. >> bill: it is a fact that christianity is not a religion it is a philosophy. if the government were saying that the methodist religion, all right, deserves a special place in the public square i will be on your side. >> so you are going to actually tell me on live television that christianity is not a religion? >> bill: correct it is a philosophy. >> you and i are fundamentally going to disagree on that point. >> bill: you are wrong. >> that's fine you can call me that. catholicism is a religion.
5:34 pm
judaism are a recognition. >> sects of christianity. it's really not cool for you to try and. >> bill: not cool. >> not cool for you to cloud their. this issue is about religious neutrality from the government. the government says. the government is not allowed to pick sides. >> bill: okay, number one. >> religious belief or philosophy is fine. >> bill: if you read the constitution it says the government cannot promote a religion. >> no, it says the congress shall not establish any laws respecting an establishment of a religion. >> bill: of a religion. not a philosophy. >> so you wouldn't have a problem with the government of the united states establishing atheism that is also a philosophy. >> bill: establishing what does it mean. >> in god we don't trust. one nation under god under the fledge of allegiance. >> bill: if you wanted to go up to albany new york and put a happy winter soltis on andrew cuomo's office door i have got no problem with it? >> you would. >> bill: don't tell me what i think when i said i didn't have a problem, i don't have a
5:35 pm
problem. >> sorry. >> bill: got it. >> sir, you would have a problem with it. >> bill: no i would not. >> i'm challenge you on that. >> bill: you are challenging me? you don't know me. >> yes do i know you. i watch your show. >> bill: that's ridiculous. >> it wouldn't be right either because the governor is not in a position. >> bill: winter soltis is not a religion. it's a holiday. if he wants to put winter soltis up on his office door, i have got no problem with it? >> actually it's a celestial event and you are right it would be secular. if you put up there in god. >> bill: i just said jesus christ he was a man. christmas tree is secular symbol. nothing to do with christianity. >> what's that first word? >> bill: secular symbol. >> christmas. >> christmas tree. >> christmas is a trims tree. >> bill: this is so unreasonable you are so unreasonable. >> no i'm not unreasonable. >> bill: it's frightening bill. >> it's not unreasonable. the government has to be fair and not take sides. everybody is equal. everybody has the same rights. >> bill: it's a federal
5:36 pm
holiday. why don't you get your -- off your butt and get it revoked? see how far you go? >> revolt. >> bill: of course you don't. your view sin sane. >> no, it's not. >> bill: can you celebrate christmas without being a christian. >> actually you can celebrate christmas without being a christian by force because you can't go to work, can't get your mail, you can't go to the bank. >> bill: you can't go to work. >> no, you can't. >> bill: yes you can. >> are you working on christmas. >> >> bill: i don't work on christmas. >> 99% of the country doesn't either it's a federal holiday. >> bill: you and your merry band of fascists. >> fascists. >> bill: can't get it revoked. >> i am a patriot, sir. >> bill: you are a fascist. >> taking the notion that everybody in this country is equal and the government has to treat everybody equally this is fascism. >> bill: banish christmas trees. >> did i not say banish christmas trees. >> bill: from the public square. that's what you do and that's what you want. >> that's not what i do. stop telling me what i do.
5:37 pm
we demand equality from the government and our constitutional right and you should be demanding it along with me. >> bill: your equality is assured. nobody sin fringing on your equality. >> we'll be taking darwin day out next year. >> bill: take winter soltis off and knock yourself out nobody is going to stop you. >> i have to take off christmas because it's a mandated federal holiday. >> bill: you run this organization, right? you run this atheist organization. >> i run american atheist. >> bill: keep it open. >> it will be open on christmas day. >> bill: you contradicted yourself for the 18th time. >> i said 99% are open. >> bill: when we come right back, miller time. hot one this evening sandra fluke and the war on christmas. miller is next. [ male announcer ] this is steve.
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he loves risk. but whether he's climbing everest, scuba diving the great barrier reef with sharks, or jumping into the market, he goes with people he trusts, which is why he trades with a company that doesn't nickel and dime him with hidden fees.
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so he can worry about other things, like what the market is doing and being ready, no matter what happens, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense, from td ameritrade. thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly miller time segment tonight. get to the sage of southern california he joins us from santa barbara. miller, you are listening to all the goings on here about christmas and you say? >> they won, face the face of modern progressivism. that's the inclusive guy you just talked to a while back. i'm the american preemptive. that's the new inclusive. it's america 180. so i'm just going to lock the pod face on and i'm going to say i don't think there is a war on anything except women.
5:41 pm
i prefer to think this is a seasonal comp trton brought up by a small man named lincoln chafee who if he was more i had ole the 00 particular outside the christmas tree. for seasonal sake what has happened to this country when i sing white christmas now i will no doubt be deemed to be a racist. we have lost our mind. lock the pod face on and stay low because the inmates are subletting the asylum. the only reason they don't go over santa is because they think he might be a mullah and they don't want to be anti-islamic. >> bill: listen, i agree with you that this is so insane, all right. so offensive to 90% of americans and the reason i called mr. silver man a fascist because that's the kind of thinking he is embracing. it's like i don't believe so i am requesting to owe -- am
5:42 pm
going to impose my nonbelief on 90% of the population that wants to celebrate the tradition of christmas whether you are a believer or not, just wants to have a good time for the kids, generosity, feel pretty good. you know what? i have had enough. i have had enough. and. >> couple weeks ago before this election. could i tell you that was the time for all good men to come to the aid of the country. that cat you just had on, that's the way this country is has gone. if you think it's 90% out there who want this, we can agree to disagree because i don't. i think this -- >> bill: christmas tree. that's a mobilizing issue. the importance of the christmas controversy is it gets people emotionally involved. and then maybe they are going to start thinking about what you are saying. maybe they will start to connect a few dots that it's not just the christmas tree. it's everything. and you are -- country where
5:43 pm
traditions are absolutely traditions of what had made us great and strongs. the train pulled out of the station two weeks ago, billy. >> there is going to be a big counter attack. you wait and see, miller. you wait and see. >> miller and i were in texas. and then over the weekend last weekend we had a great time. everybody loved miller. you know, they like me. they put up with me and they love miller. you heard my commentary comparing where you live, california to texas 180 degrees apart and you say? >> i would rather live in california topographically and los angeles ideologically, quite frankly. the big d in texas means dallas. the big d out here means disability half of the public sector union guys now are stepping down at age 50 with a twitchy lumbar and riding that
5:44 pm
wonka ticket off into the sun set. this country can't support itself and once again i will go back to the election two weeks ago. this country in the macroand this country in the microchose barack obama if you ask him tomorrow and listen at this point, billy, i think it's fair to say if you call barack obama socialist you are pulling your punches. he would pick the california model tomorrow over the texas model. and that's which way the country has gone. he still calls it a christmas tree, president obama? >> i don't know about all of that. listen. i think a lot of these issues are set now for a generation. >> i think it's going to unravel fast. i could be wrong. we will know in two years. i think it's going to unravel. sandra fluke. one of your favorite people. and she is nominated for person of the year by "time" magazine and you say? >> i think she is perfect --
5:45 pm
modern emblematic of the women's movement. wielded out by the women's movement. i didn't see that coming. it would appear helplessness being caught in the stay sis of the 196 virginia slim's ad. she is mona ark. she will accept comp her prescription. she is in that business. you know something? if this is the way gals want to go, like i said, billy, i have got my pod face on. i'm happy for the women. you are women, hear me snore. everybody makes their pick. i think she would be a perfect "time" magazine person of the year. nobody more represents current day america to me than sandra fluke. >> bill: moan of arc arc. you don't think most american women want handouts do you? >> i'm just going by that
5:46 pm
vote. it seems to me a lot of people have moved on by the vote. i heard it the people have spoken. single women i think went 60% for this guy. sandra fluke helped them do that am i to run to the defense and say that's not what single women want? billy, it's numbers. i don't fight with math. >> bill: all right. miller is referring to the pod thing is the invasion of the body snatcher movie. >> everything is good. everything is fine. everything is working. america is in great shape. everything is good. everything is fine. >> bill: original, not the rebeing make. >> original remake of body snatchers not the remake. original is better. dennis miller, everybody. see the bolder fresher show on dvd now. makes a great christmas gift. please check it out on bill o' also for everybody in utah they put 200 more seats on sale for saturday december 8th at the energy solutions arena in salt lake city. see you there the kid on two and a half men says his program is garbage.
5:47 pm
right back with that. with thermacare heatwraps. thermacare works differently. it's the only wrap with patented heat cells that penetrate deep to relax, soothe, and unlock tight muscles. for up to 16 hours of relief, try thermacare. i heard you guys can ship ground for less than the ups store. that's right. i've learned the only way to get a holiday deal is to camp out. you know we've been open all night. is this a trick to get my spot? [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. save on ground shipping at fedex office. that is the end... of carousel one. ...of carousel one. there's carousel two! all right! [ male announcer ] when you combine creamy velveeta with zesty rotel tomatoes and green chiles, you'll get a bowl of queso that makes even this get-together better.
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5:50 pm
>> bill: did you see that? two controversy stories for you. the first one of angst anger of angus jones he is now a religious guy and posted this on youtube. >> jake from two and a half men means nothing. is he nonexistent character. if you watch two and a half men, please stop watching two and a half men. i'm on two and a half men. i don't want to be on this. please stop watching it. please stop filling your head with filth. please. >> bill: all right. juliet huddy who is here. this kid makes about $300,000 an episode. >> so probably about $8 million a year.
5:51 pm
>> bill: how long has he been on the program. >> since he was 9 years old. 10 years basically. >> bill: so is he 19 now. did he just become born again or religious guy recently. >> nobody seems to know. everybody that works with him on the set says they have never heard him talk about religion before and all of a sudden this video just pops up and it's part of the -- he is a seventh day adventist church member. >> bill: that's a very stringent religion. now, do you watch this show, huddy? >> your show? >> bill: two and a half men. >> occasionally i do. >> bill: i have watched it a couple of times. it's double -- >> it's the charlie sheen show. edgy show. not loved by the parental commission. but i mean it's fun i can't understand top-rated show. third highest rated. >> bill: sexual situations. >> you would not appreciate. many people do. >> bill: i don't care about that i'm not a blue nose. i'm not trying to sensor censor anything here. >> it's not filthy. >> it's double. >> did say he was sorry in this sort of strange -- sorry
5:52 pm
that you feel this way. it was one of those passive aggressive i'm sorry that you feel this way. i'm sure it wasn't him actually writing it probably pr people. >> bill: kid is 19. got to cut him some slack. he has got to make a decision whether he takes the check and continues to do this because that's not right. if he is gonna. >> clearly taking a check. >> bill: everybody should understand this. if he is being paid by this production company to do this role. all right. he thinks it's garbage, he should get out of there. >> absolutely. >> bill: you don't do that you don't take the money and then say don't watch the show. >> i don't understand the whole -- i am sure the pr firm and lawyers jumped on him. >> bill: look angus. wise up. >> wise up, bud. >> bill: in a more serious situation this guy quinnel lives in houston black panther, racist kind of guy. said some very terrible things. the fox affiliate in houston and when i was down there i learned about this. people were walking up and telling me about. this using this quinnel as
5:53 pm
this commentator. go. >> the rich should not be paying the same in taxes as a poor janitor. >> they are not. >> cleaning. >> some are. >> they are not. >> my concern, matt, is that we fix this nation party politics has destroyed the nation to this point and we must not allow republics and democrats to say we can choose whether we work together to fix the problems of this nation. know the american people have already spoken and they choose what they do in congress. >> bill: so now he is portraying himself as kind of a rational guy and a point, counter point. in the past this guy has been really rough, right? >> you have have this guy on your show. >> bill: not recently he crossed the line with us. >> back in 1995, he was at a rally and talking about jews and he said all you jews can go straight to hell. this is the guy in '99 told folks go to river folks which is predominantly white community and mug some good white folks. this is going to be. go ahead and kill them. why would you mug your own
5:54 pm
people. go and kill the white people. he left. he is now the spokesman of the new black panther nation. this is since 2002. broke off from the black panther party he tells because he felt they were too extreme. >> bill: is it possible that he is doing a malcolm x and coming back to the mainstream and repudiating this stuff. >> he goes to cleveland, texas to a rally in 2007 to support these 18 black men and boys who were accused of gang rape and he goes and he blames the little 11-year-old girl. 11-year-old hispanic girl. he blamed the parents. said where are the parents? got a big round of applause for that. this guy hasn't toned down at all. >> bill: okay. so, look, do what he wants obviously and folks can watch what they want. i thought it was an interesting situation. huddy thanks as always. >> i really like your tie. >> bill: it's salmon. >> it's pink, actually. it's pink. >> bill: factor tip of the day christmas gifts. the tip 60 seconds away.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
>> bill, you're my guy. i watch "the factor" every night. facts are facts, mark. governor chafey is not the ghost of christmas past. the governor will be here on "the factor" tomorrow. do not miss that. tim murphy, brooklyn park, minnesota. why do you care about what they do in rhode island? because the governor is imposing his nutty progressive view on the folks, tim.
5:57 pm
they want christmas celebrations in public. manuel samuel, dublin, ireland. i'm send governor chafey a christmas card. make sure it has jesus on it to make sure the governor appreciates it. i came to the usa from czechoslovakia. i believe casey anthony killed her little daughter. that is my judgment. come on, bill, you and ablow came off as snubs talk being "gangnam style." bill, i've read killing kennedy
5:58 pm
and killing lincoln. can't tight discuss th wait to k with my grandson. the kennedy audio remains number one, thank you all for that. tony romero, cedar park, texas. bill, love your talking points comparing texas to california. i'm grateful for the air force for sending me to this great state. i lived in california for 26 years, but now a texan. bill, like your no spin style, but if your current job doesn't work out, you might consider being a shift teacher again. you never know, myron. finally tonight, "the fact" tip of the day. last night we asked you to send us a description of the best gift you ever received. from time to time this christmas and holiday season we'll read some of the tips. susan schmidt, cor corvallis, oregon. we're a lower middle class family but when i step out of
5:59 pm
the shower with a towel warmer i feel like a queen. another one, my mother made me a photo album of my life. best gift ever. i like that photo stuff, too. the old photos that are around, somebody puts them in a binder for you, or puts them up on a frame or something, those are great gifts. "factor" tip of the day. that's it for us tonight. please check out the fox news "factor" news, different from also, we would like you to spout off about "the fact" from anywhere in the world. plenty to talk about tonight, that's for sure. o' word of the day, do not be coribantic when writing to

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